Mar 10 • 1HR 0M

Gentrifying the Haunted House

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This isn’t a podcast for total beginners. We’re going to assume that you know what plot structure is, what a protagonist is, where ideas come from, and how to use a semicolon. This is a podcast for people who can already write okay, but want to do better.
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A lot of horror stories start like this: a family moves into a suspiciously cheap dreamhouse. Over the course of the story, the house reveals its sinister nature–voices whisper unsettling things, mirrors reflect people who aren’t supposed to be there, the walls bleed–and at last the occupants discover its terrible secret. You can’t gentrify a haunted house–you either have to accept it as it is, burn it to the ground, or run away. But that doesn’t stop people from trying. And right now, there’s a cheery little squeeful family trying to move into a creepy old house called horror fiction. Here to talk about it is Andrew F Sullivan, Canadian, horror author, and bread-shaped dog owner.