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Filthy Lucre

How much money do writers actually make?

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Raquel S Benedict
This isn’t a podcast for total beginners. We’re going to assume that you know what plot structure is, what a protagonist is, where ideas come from, and how to use a semicolon. This is a podcast for people who can already write okay, but want to do better.
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In our culture, it’s taboo to talk about money. You don’t ask another person how much they make, or how much their possessions cost, or how much they have in the bank. That’s especially true in publishing. Writers don’t usually talk openly about money. But they should. People should know the kind of money writers actually make. Readers should know whether or not they’re supporting an exploitative industry, and aspiring writers should know how much–or how little–they’ll realistically earn. We’re not doing this to scare you away from writing. We just think it’s better to have a realistic idea of the industry so you don’t get blindsided.

In this episode, Simon McNeil rejoins us to talk about what writers usually make, the hidden costs of writing, and why Disney Must Pay.


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